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WOLVERINE #1000 (the last guy who read this review wish came true

Wow I have to say I was absolutely blown away by this #1000-er. At first I was skeptical because it was one of those  #1000th issue. Some of those come off as okay or offbeat from the usual flow of that particular series. Any who that is not the case her. I haven't enjoyed a wolverine issue like this since Wolverine volume 3. Anyone who read any part of the third volume would be accustomed to the feel and flow of the writing, As it's blended with top notch action sequences that make you pause and pretend to act out some of the moves yourselves. please tell me i'm not the only one. Lets get to what you came here fo... 
The Good  
This issue was absolutely amazing. I went into it taking it for granted and now came out with an issue that is now a must have to me. I feel it has potential to be a classic in peoples library that is up there with "Enemy of the State". The book had solid good writing that doesn't come in a huge bulk that slows down the action or the story like you can find in the Dark Wolverine: Daken. Rather this is a great blend of both. The writing had a nostalgic feel to the stuff from Wolverine volume 3 which is a total good thing. I miss those kind of stories and I swear they just need to make a Wolverine TV show. As completely tragic Wolverine tales can be I'm glad theres no complex melodrama. Instead its more about enjoying the action and a few good stories.  OH and I kept smiling at how they're saying "I'm The best there is....yata, yata" like its become the new " hasta la vista!" 
The icing on the cake and what inspired me to actually to take a shot a writing a little tiny review like this is the action. I don't know who decides the setups for the action sequences but it was top notch stuff. I will try to come back and edit some pics in here to show. The whole consist of the combination of 5 epic bad ass stories. I'm a penny pincher cheap sake crab or whatever word you prefer in terms of hesitant to buy. If your looking to buy something that you might re read over again then this is the jackpot. 
 There is a tad bit of gore in here and its juicy and if you weren't already expecting that then what did you expect. 

- Great Writing/Dialogue (like you care?!), Greater ACTION/Art(skydiving and killing sprees), and the Best there is                 ... ... WOLVERINE  !!! *snikt* !!!
The main thing is if you enjoyed some of the way Wolverine vol.2&3 were written, then you would surely get your moneys worth with this book.  
Plus a story even female fans can dig! ya dig?
The Bad 
You tell me cause i couldn't find **it I didn't like about it   
nuff sed  :* 
I will admit however that I had doubts from the beginning (Like when I looked at the cover i was like WTH is all the stuff. it looks like someone defecated and tried to smudge it for finger painting ) I know right....I'm just.  
 Sometimes that doubt can be to the advantage of the book. Underestimating  can make alright material appear into some pretty decent stuff y'all.  You've probably fallen victim to that thing in the past  where you pick something up with a dank looking cover then on the inside its all crap and you feel like Hell just blew up in your face. Well I haven't fallen victim to that so it just sucks to be you so how bout you do us both a solid and spruce up your okay life to something more upbeat thats full action, fun, adventure, love, sex(non gratuitous), violence, blood, sweat, tears.(,c*m, p**s, s*i*, guts, snot, earwax i digress) because this issue literally has of all of that. literally.. X(  -Uugh!
Overall-   the book just needed a pinch off NIL with a side of NADA and they could have held back on the ZILCH a little bit
The Ugly? 
Hell gnaw aint nothing ugly in this book. The art is amazing and the cover is something i took for granted after reading the entire issue but it all made sense (like a dollar). The story is just a cypher you use to decode the Cover which is pretty call or lame but mostly cool :P.   This is also a book anyone can pick up. There is no prehistory required to understand whats going , to be honest I haven't even read any of the Wolverine goes to Hell story arc lately so if your worried about that your in the clear.
P.S. Thanks for reading any part  of this mess. This is the first time I took a crack at writing a full review. This issue real brought back fond memories of those older wolverine stories you don't hear anymore.  

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