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Wolverine #1: The Beginning Of Something Evil!

This is the 100th review marker/Anniversary. Anyone (the people who read this review) is invited to look back at all the reviews that people liked, and also disliked. Thanks everyone for joining this happy celebration of 100 reviews for comics. After this, there will be more than 100 reviews. Onto the review of Wolverine #1! Acclaimed author Jason Aaron (Astonishing Wolverine and Spider-Man) and famed artist Renato Guedes (Adventures Of Superman, Action Comics) joins the launch of Wolverine's new ongoing series. Wolverine: Road To Hell. It turns out that Wolverine's soul is in hell, and his body is terrorizing the friends/family that is close to him!?! All we can think in this starting point, is many mysteries and secrets being hidden and revealed. Join Wolvie on this story that will take you on an slash and blood adventure. Parental Advisory is noted in this comic. 

The Good

Wolverine's new chapter begins now! I'm enjoying this first issue of Wolverine: Road To Hell, or just Wolverine #1. This issue begins Wolverines tortures journey, so before reading "Wolverine: Road To Hell #1" pick up this issue. In this issue, it was mostly about the trails that Logan has gone through, talking about the recap of Utopia and the end of Dark Reign was a great add that I enjoyed. All covers were drawn brilliantly. I'm seeing that more-and-more X-Men "related" characters and stories, are getting the "blank white" cover. This has been seen in a whole bunch of 2010's X-Men (and friends) series. Renato's artwork for this first issue was amazing, incorporating lots of unique elements in this issue. Jason Aaron was the one of the best (news) on this issue. I enjoyed his run on, Astonishing Wolverine, and I'm glad to see him on this series. If anyone should start Wolverine's new series off, Justin Aaron should. Him (and some others) that come to my mind. His writing takes Wolverine, through pain and suffering that he's never felt before. And targeting the loved ones was (cliche) however interesting.  

The Bad

With reading a Wolverine story or even a (current) X-men series, it really takes time to understand what certain things are. Today, there are lots of "X-Men" related story lines, and it's very hard to "possibly" keep track with each issue, series, interludes and other essential elements. So to basically to read Wolverine: Road To Hell, or any other X-Men story lines, your going to have to pick up some "other" series. I'm not saying you shouldn't be knowing of "all" X-men stories, however I never liked the fact that most X-Men stories had other reading material to, well, understand one "particular" story.  

The Verdict

A certain element happens at the end of this issue, I'm not going to tell you, so your going to just have to read Wolverine #1. The story is taking off into a slash, this is parental advisory, so only a few readers are going to be able to read this. I don't know if children should be reading this, (probably not), however if children do read this, Parents should read this with them. Overall Wolverine is not going to be himself for awhile, so this is a 4.5 out of 5. 

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Posted by KRYPTON

100 reviews?!? Cool. Great Job!

Posted by RYU/BATMAN

Got to pick this up!

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