marvelguy15's Wolverine #1 - Wolverine Goes To Hell Part 1; Last Stand of the Silver Samurai Chapter One: Scorched Earth review

Wolverine #1 Review


When I first saw there was going to be a new Wolverine series I groaned and when I saw that the tag line for the first arc was  
"Wolverine Going To Hell" I laughed.I laughed and groaned beacuse I think he & Deadpool are the most over used characters in Marvel U and nothing new you could do with Logan. I mean what is this his 45th volume of books (Actually his 4th) and hasnt he been through enough hell in his life. I was originally going to pick up Chidrens crusade #2 today, but for some reason they didnt have it, so i picked this up. I didnt have that high of expectations but boy did I get a surprise. Not only does Jason Aaron know how to write Wolverine but he could teach a class on it. The first four pages alone is filled with great lines. Wolverines view on The Hereoic Age is spot on as I think he would view it. I also think the supporting cast of Melita Garner, Wraith, and Mystique bring a lot to the book and are not just empty space as other characters in several books are. I am quite interested in the villians who are targeting other X-characters and how they will go after them. The last two pages of Wolverine actually in Hell are also fantastic and are one of the best finishers in a comic book i have read all year. Did I mention Renato Guedes art is Kick-Ass, well if I did not... it rocked. Wow, I cannot wait until issue 2
Posted by ComaCalm

I love Wolverine! Although I have the advantage of being a new comic reader so I haven't read as many comics about him as you have... xD 
Will be buying this!

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