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Review: Wolverine #1 0

Jason Aaron of Wolverine: Weapon X, and Renato Guedes of Action Comics come together to take Wolverine somewhere new... Hell.   Good Yep, Wolverine is going to Hell. Seriously. When I saw the solicit for this book, I laughed too. However, I gave the book a shot, and was glad to see Jason Aaron on it because I loved his run on Weapon X. This book is obviously more than just Wolvie trapped in Hell slicing and dicing his enemies. Essentially, without giving away too much, there's two Wolverine...

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Wolverine Vol. 4 Issue 1 Review 0

Well, here we go. My first real attempt into getting into Wolverine. I mean, to be honest, the only reason I really decided to go for this was because I'm reading every single X-Men related book in the main continuity right now, so this clearly had to be read. Reading the concept for this book, I simply went "Meh". See, this just sounded kind of boring and when a book starts off, I like the character to be the first thing handled, not some giant concept. I splurged though and bought this book, a...

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Wolverine #1 Review 0

     When I first saw there was going to be a new Wolverine series I groaned and when I saw that the tag line for the first arc was  "Wolverine Going To Hell" I laughed.I laughed and groaned beacuse I think he & Deadpool are the most over used characters in Marvel U and nothing new you could do with Logan. I mean what is this his 45th volume of books (Actually his 4th) and hasnt he been through enough hell in his life. I was originally going to pick up Chidrens crusade #2 today, but for s...

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Logan Goes to Hell: The Final Friday 0

I looked at this issue with nothing, but disdain when it was announced. How could you not? Another Wolverine book? I like the character I really do, but he's been a bit overexposed lately even by Wolverine standards, as he seems to fight on every major Marvel team. Additionally, I was getting a bad horror movie vibe from the solicitations (and not the so bad it's good). On the other hand, I knew this wasn't going to be terrible either because you have Jason Aaron writing who has done amazing thi...

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There are two types of Hell! 0

  This is certainly a pretty good book.  But the art wasn't exactly blowing me away and other than the very end of the comic, I wasn't really feeling the story either.  The whole I have everything, now I'm gonna lose it storyline is a little too pat.  I certainly want to know what happens but this issue seems like it could have been contained in a few panels at the beginning of what is NOW issue #2; making that issue #1.  I think dramatically, Wolverine just being in Hell and we having to figure...

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Wolverine #1: The Beginning Of Something Evil! 0

This is the 100th review marker/Anniversary. Anyone (the people who read this review) is invited to look back at all the reviews that people liked, and also disliked. Thanks everyone for joining this happy celebration of 100 reviews for comics. After this, there will be more than 100 reviews. Onto the review of Wolverine #1! Acclaimed author Jason Aaron (Astonishing Wolverine and Spider-Man) and famed artist Renato Guedes (Adventures Of Superman, Action Comics) joins the launch of Wolverin...

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Bub... your going to hell! 0

   #1 of the new Wolverine series finally out, and all across America fans were clamouring to get their hands on the first part of Wolverine goes to hell! Alot of people like me were left thinking," is he really going to hell, or is that just a tagline to express how his life in this new Heroic Age was going to pan out"? Well, he actually went to hell. After constantly fighting death, the grip of the afterlife finally snagged a hold of everyone's favorite mutant, and plunged him straight into ob...

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A lot of questions 0

The Story - So this is a new arc in Logan´s life, despite the fact that he´d been to hell one time and aparently, Devil himself misses him and sees  Wolverine as a source of amusement and fun, since he´s a little bored. What will this represent in Logan´s life? How did he go to Hell to begin with? How he´s coming back? Who are these new villains? A lot of questions. The Writing - This book begins with a deep/true/sincere conversation between Logan and Wraith (who´s now a pastor) about past, inne...

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