Wolfsbane and Feral...who'd look better if they got fat?

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As you may recall, I've made a "what if she got fat" thread for both Feral and Wolfsbane a while back, on their respective forums. This time around, on the forum of the latter, I'm mixing the two together and asking a whole new question. If Wolfsbane and Feral(as her living self, obviously)were to get incredibly obese(though they would have nothing on the Blob or Big Bertha, but still really fat), which one do you think would look better as a blimp? And why? Pour in your opinions, fans of Wolfsbane and/or Feral! I'm hoping you in particular, KillerZ, will have a comment, since you, like me, enjoy furries.

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I actually like more muscular woman, so yeah, haven't really got an opinion on that.

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What have I found......

What is this......

I don't even.........

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