What area of Wolfsbane's body would be most fun to tickle?

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Tigra and Feral got a thread like this for themselves each, so now it's Wolfsbane's turn to get one of her own! If you were with Wolfsbane and she needed cheering up because she was glum, sad and down, and you decided to tickle her, since given her super-senses there's no way she wouldn't burst into laughter, in order to cheer her up, what part of her would you choose to tickle to assauge her morose mood? Her belly and/or belly button? Her feet and toes? Her underarms? Her sides and ribs? Or would there be another spot you would tickle on Rhane Sinclair to replace her gloom with cheeriness and joy? Do tell, fellow Wolfsbane fans, though for those of you who don't care for this sort of thing, just don't post. But for you guys who do like this sort of thing, what spot would you pick, and how would you like it if, after you cheered her up, Wolfsbane thanked you by hugging you and giving you a big lick, just like a real dog would?

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This is straight up creepy

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The OP thinking about Wolfsbane
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Uh, guys? Didn't you read the bottom of the OP? It clearly says that, IF YOU DO NOT CARE FOR THIS SORT OF THING, DON'T POST. How hard was that?

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very weird...

but I guess her feet.

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