Rahne's reaction to her baby?

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Just finished reading the new X-Factor. A part of me is a little disappointed in Rahne's reactions to the baby. Its not the baby's fault the way I saw it the baby was kinda like Ghost from Fables. The baby wasn't born to know right from wrong, it was born scared and probably felt threatened by Agamemnon.  And she kinda knew herself that Hmirhari was a god, and Dr. Nemesis had probably said that the baby was neither mutant nor human, heck she kinda eventually caught on that the baby gave her strength. Yes I get it was a lot for her to take in, the whole gods wanting her baby and that it had a very unsual birth. But well, after all the stuff she's seen and heard. I mean hey, Scarlet Witch technically made her children and Tigra's son was from a skrull woman who took the exact shape and form Dr. Pyrm. That was the father right? I probably got that wrong. 
I don't know, I just felt sorry for the cub when she turned her back on it. I also feel kinda sad that its probably gonna have a very unhappy childhood, I mean how much you wanna bet he won't be safe with Jack Russell very long because of this "preordianed" war coming. And just to note anyone who HAS read it sorta see an irony with Rahne. Her own father treated her like crap because she was a mutant and basically treated her like a punishment of his sins. She ends up doing the exact same thing to her own.  I don't know its a little confusing to me.

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Well you know the saying like father like daughter
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Well Marvel does seem to have a real hard on for turning their characters into hypocrites lately so this isn't shocking

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Well her son did go trough Agamemnon's body, so that would scare the living bejesus out of anyone, even if it's her son. And saying that he's going to have a bad childhood with Jack Russel is going overboard, he's a smart guy so he's going to try his best.
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I think it reminded her to much of what she had down. The baby was the monster that she was during X-Force. What was supposed to be a sweet innocent creature was bordering demonic. Plus in the end she sees the world differently through the lens of her beliefs. 

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Rahne is a "tragic" character... insofar as she acts immorally and does not understand her own faith.  She is similar to the Generation Hope character who thinks all mutants are demons, and that she is going to hell for being a monster. 
However, she has room to grow and make up for her sins... or she may become like Feril's spirit... lost and villainous.  

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Really sad that she ended up just like her parents. Even freaked out like that she should have recognized that it's still a baby, a demigod, and her baby at that. Plus killing Agamemnon saved her. But then again, I've also never been chased by hordes of super natural monsters thru new york, saved by a werewolf, captured by a creepy psyco brother of a goddess, spit up a baby that killed him, and shown compassion for the thing myself, so........ not a lot of room to talk.
Bet anything this comes back to haunt her. And pretty soon to with the whole war of the gods thing underway.

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@MatKrenz: Oh no I don't mean with him. I'm sure Jack will do what he can. But well its not gonna be the happiest with Hela, and every who knows what else will be chasing after him. And also Feral. And if he ever understands his mother rejected him, either way. He'll probably end up with issues. Jack's only human...sorta. He can't protect a boy's psyche. I don't think. Who knows. Either its kinda rare when a comic child doesn't go through an unhappy childhood at somepoint
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@humansaresuper: Most likely your right. I just kinda hope that baby will be okay with Jack until then. I don't know why, I just kinda became a big fan of the little monster. And no one ever named the little cub yetXD. I'd also like to think someday Rahne could have a happy family with that Hrmihari guy. But this is the comics, its kinda rare to ever see that. 
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I thought it was messed up and a lil disappointing i mean we spend how many books talking about the kid & how powerful the kid is & how the gods want the kid and she wants to protect her kid & then she FINALLY GIVES BIRTH TO THE KID!!! & she rejects the kid Lol i mean.... thats a lil sad and seems like a waste of time frankly i hope we get to see more of what baby red eyes can do in the future  

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Well assuming that everyone has read the issue... Im gonna post a pic!!  
X-Factor 224
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if they hadn't played it the way they did, the entire story arc would have been tossed under the rug, particularly the events of and everything shown and stated in
X-Factor #214.

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I don't think Rahne could be a good mother because of her upbringing.

I hope Jack Russell can take care of the little cub.

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I found it be another case of going the extra mile of truama fo being a woman in comics as well as being an X-Men. I mean, Tigra was raped by an alien, and she gives birth to her baby boy off panel and he ends up being perfectly fine... for now, while Wolfsbane has a arc in which her birth is like the Goblin Baby... except that baby was still human who was born normally... this baby was cough up by Wolfsbane while she was chained, and the first thing the baby does is KILL a person in cold blood. ANd in the end, Rahne thinks God hates her!

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Also, I had to draw this for this thing.

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So, are they any future talks about the cub and Jack? I'm really curious what is going to happen to it.
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@Joeybagad0nutz said:
So, are they any future talks about the cub and Jack? I'm really curious what is going to happen to it.

I haven't seen anything about it, but it would be a nice twist.  Sort of an X-Factor back-up story, or even an X-Factor spin-off.  That said, I don't think we've seen the last of the cub.   
As for everyone condemning Rahne, she literally spat out a demon.  She's been raised to believe that she is a demon herself, and now she feels she has proof.  It's hard to see why she should feel "maternal" for a baby that would have killed her while in utero (if it weren't for Elixir's intervention), that wasn't born in the conventional manner (it was vomitted), and then instantly killed the first person it saw.  Rahne's reaction is perfectly understandable.
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Was this a good arc? Just read 224.1 and 225 and really like it, interested in catching up on some of the better arcs that I missed.

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@Joeybagad0nutz said:

So, are they any future talks about the cub and Jack? I'm really curious what is going to happen to it.

Well, since this story arc was like Spider-Man's Goblin Baby arc, I guess the Cub and Jack will be like Cable and Hope...

@HotSauceCommittee: But I think your opinion of the ending would the final verdict. I kinda like this arc too, as it brought back more obscure or underused characters, but the ending issue... WOW that was bad and over the top...

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