If Wolfsbane were sad and glum, how would you cheer her up?

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I've noticed something about Wolfsbane...she's such a devout Catholic that she often appears to be afraid of her own shadow, even if she's still willing to fight and likes to show her midriff(that is, belly and belly button)with whatever clothing she wears. Not to mention all the times she's seemed gentle, likable, endearing and so on, the times she's acted more aggressive and brave, plus the feats she's pulled off, notwithstanding. 
So, since this could mean there's a lot which could cause her to become upset or insecure, plus it can be easy to feel compassion for her, it's made me decide to ask you the following hypothetical question. If Rhane Sinclair were real, and you were to see Wolfsbane by herself, under a full moon at night, in her wolf hybrid form, in a wide, open field, and it was just you and her, and she was looking as morose, depressed, gloomy and unhappy as anyone ever looked, what method of cheering her up, or attempting to, would you use?  
Method 1: Rub her belly, kiss her cheek, scratch her behind the ears, give her a hug and allow her to snuggle up to you? 
Method 2: Tickle her on the ribs, sides, feet, belly, belly button, underarms and under the throat until she literally howls with laughter, hugs you and licks you as thanks? 
Method 3: Hand her a nice, big bottle of liquor which she can drink down so she'll get wasted and not be afflicted with pain and sadness for a while?
Method 4: Treat her like a true wolf and howl at the moon, hoping she'll join in and that this will take her mind off the depression and give her some nighttime fun?
Method 5: Hand her a plate of her favorite meal so that the comfort and good taste will, at the very least, dull her morose, melancholy state? 
Method 6: Tell a white lie and say that her X-Force counterpart, the much tougher, nastier, bitchier, more murderous and more catlike Feral, has recently become morbidly obese, and if the two rivaled each other in good looks before, now she's by far the more beautiful of them(even if she later finds out Feral has gained no weight at all, it will still perk her up nicely enough). 
Please tell me which of these six methods you would cheer her up with if she were in such an upset, miserable state.   

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