If there was a crossover comic book made...

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...where Wolfsbane dated Gray Wolf from the Monster Rancher Anime, shown here... 
...and Feral dated Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda, who had pulled a heel-face-turn and redeemed himself before(NOTE: BEFORE)the two of them met, Tai Lung being this guy... 
...and the four furry fighters went not only on a double date, but also teamed up as a quartet and fought(and often killed)criminals and were tough vigilantes of the mean, dark city they lived in(said city being Detroit, which the two girls would have met the two boys in after all four moved their from their respective original homes and universes), what kind of read would this be for you?  
A cool one? 
A wierd one?  
An interesting one?  
A dumb one?  
A creepy one?  
A funny one?  
Please tell me how you'd like it if such a crossover comic book was published in your local store. This is a completely hypothetical question, of course, but give me your opinions all the same.

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