Feral and Wolfsbane Double Date/Team Up Idea

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Suppose a comic were to be made where Feral, after coming back to life and righting her wrongs, thus becoming a heroine for real and for keeps, were to be found by Wolfsbane, who was aware of her redemption along with everyone who lived on Marvel Earth by the time it happened. Then their universe would cross over with the Monster Rancher Anime universe, as well the Ice Age universe. The two would meet both Tiger of the Wind, a powerful, handsome blue and white horned wolf monster, and Diego, an attractive, formidable, tough, cool saber-toothed cat. Wolfsbane would fall in love with Tiger of the Wind, and vice versa. The same would happen with Feral and Diego. Furthermore, the four would decide to team up and fight crime on the mean streets and grounds of this crossed-over world they now lived in. And they would kill scum of all kinds in ways which would please the likes of Punisher, Elektra, Ghost Rider and Venom. When this wasn't happening, the two wolves, Rhane and Tiger of the Wind, would enjoy romance, and so would the two felines, Maria and Diego. They'd be the perfect furry four, with two canines and two felines for a fine balance. Although this idea is utterly what if, completely hypothetical and entirely supposed, I would like to know what you would think if such a comic were to be made, and how it would be for you.

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I would be so against it. Feral has never interested me. She's a character that I love to hate. Seeing her reformed (for whatever reasons) doesn't take away the memories of her origin story.

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