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Wolfram and Hart is a law firm run by the Senior Partners, very powerful demons from an alternate dimension. Wolfram and Hart has offices in Los Angels, Rome and across the globe. They are considered to be evil incorporated. They represent demons and humans alike.

Defending murders thieves, kidnappers and other, less noble creatures. All the while turning a profit for the company. And maintaining the image of a respectable law firm... that always takes directive from there senior partners. The Los Angeles branch that handled such dealings was a division called "special projects". This division was lead by many over the years, but the first we were introduced to was a man named Holland Manners. If Holland was considered the general his second or rather seconds in command was a woman named Lilah Morgan and a man named Lindsay McDonald. It was under this trio that many of Wolfram and Harts plans took shape. During there time together thay defended powerful vampires, put death marks out on children, defend assassins, resurrected Darla (Angels dead vampire lover), called on forces from hell to bring forth demon assassins, import Drusilla (a psychotic vampire created by Angel), to help drive Angel evil once again & to slaughter civilians. All while keeping there two main goals in sight. Bring money in for the company & bring about the apocalypse.

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