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Colonel Wolfman is the leader of the fictional British counter-terrorism

 force, Delta Red, in the Street Fighter universe. Ever since she left Shadaloo, Wolfman has acted as a mentor and surrogate father to Cammy White.  


Along with all the other members of Delta Red, Col. Wolfman was introduced
Bengus's Original Concept Art 
 in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers by series director Noritaka Funamizu and character artist Bengus. 

Character Evolution

Super Street Fighter II  

Not much was originally known about Wolfman. His first and only
 Wolfman and Delta Red
 appearance in Super Street Fighter II consisted of a single still-frame image of himself standing with his team, Delta Red, in the epilogue to Cammy's story. He, along with the rest of Delta Red, urged Cammy to not be bothered by M. Bison's words and to look to the future. 
Street Fighter IV 
In the prologue to Cammy's story, Col. Wolfman briefs Cammy on a mission
 Well Done!
 to investigate Shadaloo's connections with the B. L. E. C. E. Project. While on her mission, Cammy uncovered a connection between B. L. E. C. E., which stands for "Boiling Liquid Expanding Cell Explosion", and psycho power, the energy that fuels M. Bison and brainwashes The Dolls. Fearful of where that research would lead, she chooses to delete the research on B. L. E. C. E., even though it would destroy valuable evidence. Cammy confessed to Col. Wolfman about destroying evidence, but Col. Wolfman informed her that he was monitoring her activity and told her, "Well done!"


Udon's comic book series based upon the Street Fighter series went into
Stopping Chun-Li 
 more detail with Col. Wolfman's relationship to Cammy. In the series, he is depicted as both a mentor and loving, fatherly figure to Cammy who protects her when she is in trouble. In one particular scene, he defends Cammy from Chun--Li after she identifies Cammy as her father's assassin. Col. Wolfman also leads Delta Red on a mission into Shadaloo headquarters where they uncover experiments being performed on Blanka, as well as learn more about The Dolls and Cammy's past. 

Powers and Abilities 

Unlike other characters in the Street Fighter universe, Col. Wolfman is a fighter of above-average, but not super-human, capability. He has Special Forces training and has risen to the rank of leader of Delta Red.

Other Media

Video Games 
In chronological order: 
  • Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Non-Playable)
  • Super Street Fighter II: Turbo (Non-Playable)
  • Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival (Non-Playable)
  • Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix (Non-Playable)
  • Street Fighter IV (Non-Playable)

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