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Wolfen is a cyborg prototype created by SHIELD scientist downloaded with Nick Fury's experienced into its core program. Nick Fury and some of his agents were transporting the prototype to a base in Yukon, Alaska when they were ambushed by HYDRA forces. HYDRA had taken controlled of Wolfen while it was being transported when they downloaded a virus into the net and ran a purge routine. The carrier crashed into the ground and a HYDRA strikeforce retrieved Wolfen. Nick Fury patched up his wounds and headed for Buck's Plateau which was the only suitable place HYDRA could pick up their strikeforce due to the blizzard like conditions. HYDRA and Wolfen reached a man-made bridge they had to cross in order to reach their destination but Fury had set off an explosive. Several HYDRA agents were killed but Wolfen survived. Wolfen shot a HYDRA soldier due to his incompetence and engaged Fury after he killed some soldiers with a large boulder. Fury was shot in the left arm by Wolfen but the prototype cyborg began to shut down due to its prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures. Fury had stopped the renegade cyborg and Wolfen was picked up by SHIELD forces. 

Powers & Abilities

Wolfen is a prototype cyborg created by SHIELD programmed with Nick Fury's battle experience. Wolfen has enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury. Wolfen is also a skilled marksman with various firearms. Wolfen is susceptible to sub-zero temperatures causing all his systems to shut down.

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