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WolfCorps is a spec ops team founded by The Astounding Wolf-Man who recently became the new Elder of Werewolves. WolfCorps is a team of werewolves, of Gary Hampton's pack, who believed that their powers of lycanthropy could be used for more good than what they're naturally believed to be. Wolf-Man's wealth financed the team as well as their home in his mansion. Now it has been seen as more than just a pack of werewolves, Wolf-Man hopes that the world may one day accept werewolves back in their world, and co-exist in peace with the world of man, as they did long ago. WolfCorps was designed to be the world's first supernatural team that would fight evil's that are both, natural and supernatural.

They were last seen fighting the smaller versions of Gorgg. Afterwards recued by the Guardians of the Globe, after a standstill with the smaller versions of Gorgg that lasted to daylight leaving Wolf-Man alone in his wolf-form, but his men as humans.

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