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Wolf was once part of the Hunter-Killers, and not only was he an agent for them, he was the best. At some point Wolf broke apart from the group for reasons that are currently unknown. He stopped working with them but continued to hunt down other Ultra Sapiens on his own. He always seems to be following the Hunter-Killers and interfering with their targets. His current goal seems to be to kill Ellis though he's had his chances and hasn't taken them. He also has an ongoing relationship with Hunter-Killer field leader, Samantha Argent. He seems to be protecting the other Ultra Sapiens to keep Samantha from finding their locations.


Wolf has proven to be an extremely skilled assassin and hand-to-hand combatant. He has the ability to form blades made out of energy from his forearms instantly. He uses these blades offensively by through using their cutting ability against opponents. Wolf also has the ability to become completely invisible, though he does so gradually. This means that his bone structure becomes visible first before his skin and as such it takes a couple of seconds before becoming completely invisible or turning completely visible.

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