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 Engaging Darth Stryfe
Wolf Sazen is among the few survivors of the massacre at Ossus. He protected the Jedi younglings and padawans long enough so they could escape but almost died in the process, his arm was cut off and he was stabbed through the chest by Darth Nihl. He was saved by Cade Skywalker, his own padawan, that tapped into the dark side to heal him. Cade however fled afterwards to fight the sith and Wolf went into hiding. It took several years before he and Cade would see each other again, it saddened him however that Cade had abandoned the Jedi ways and he wanted to steer him back to the way of the force. 
Ultimately Cade accepted training by Wolf Sazen to help kill Darth Krayt who he blamed for his fathers death. After several adventures together Wolf and Cade along with a small strike team took the battle to Darth Krayt. Wolf engaged in battle with one of the sith, Darth Stryfe, he managed to kill his opponent but not without losing his own life in battle as well. He became one with the force shortly after.

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