Wolf-Man 'Covers' gallery question.

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Okay, I found one of Ryan Ottley's picture for Invincible #57, featuring our fhalf alien-teen upper-cutting our favorite werewolf. I wanted to post this picture here but I didn't know were to put it?

Picture by Ryan Ottley from his deviantART account.

I think it mostly falls under the Covers galleries, but is that gallery only for Wolf-man's comics covers? Should we open up a 'Wolf-Man Vs.' gallery?
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It doesn't matter:P Just put it in one, as long at it somewhat close. You could put it in either covers, vs, or just his main gallery.

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You should put it in either or both character's main galleries, generally you'd only create a vs. gallery if there's enough images to justify creating a gallery (maybe like a dozen).  Covers for Wolf-Man is fine too, I see its already in there



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