What should Gary do before he faces Zechariah?

#1 Posted by Deadly (173 posts) - - Show Bio

I say he should get some help so he won't have to deal with the Actioneers.

Mecha-Maid is my first choice.

Jacobson is my second.  He will be happy to know that he still has a chance to kill Zechariah.

Invincible would be a big help in the fight.  Wolf-Man also thinks Invincible as a friend.

The only person left I can think of is Atom Eve.
#2 Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna (2080 posts) - - Show Bio

Jacobson might be blinded by rage cause Wolf-man lied to him, Unless, he lies again not knowing a Vampire could survive that. I have a feeling the elder will take care of the Actioneers

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