Are we going to see anymore Astounding Wolf-Man?

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I really dig the character and the story ended on such a cliff hanger. I'm curious if he's been featured at image since the end of his solo series or if there's any news of him getting a mini or another ongoing. It's been a while since the end of the Astounding Wolf-Man series and I'm worried we'll never see him again. Any other Wolf-Man fans? Anyone know if we're going to see him again anytime soon?

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I would love too. But im sure Robert Kirkman is stretched out pretty thin. I wanted more of Science Dog. but since he is focusing on Thief of Thieves, Walking Dead, and Invincible mainly I doubt he will have time for much else.

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@Trodorne: Personally I don't think it's that he's stretched to thin, I think it's that when a book doesn't sell great at imagine it has to be cut. They're a smaller company and can't afford to "ride with the sales" on books that might come back up against like Marvel and DC might do with a "decently" selling comic.

I could be totally off though, I haven't checked the DCD records for the book.

Nice to see another fan though, I've got a couple issues with the Science Dog back ups but it's not in the Invincible trades. I think they collected the backups into a single book though. Worth picking up?

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@Onemoreposter: we saw several Wolf-Man cameos at Invincible and Guarding the Globe.

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Phil Hester said in an interview that Wolf-Man would feature in at least the first few issues of Image's upcoming series "Invincible Universe" and that he has a lot in mind for him, so it would seem that our wishes have been granted. :D


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They weren't exactly the greatest he had in mind... Being nearly trampled to death is a bit of a buzz kill there@deductiblybonkers:

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