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Nicholas as a child

Nicholas Gleason was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Unlike most mutants, whose powers manifest around puberty, Nicholas was an early bloomer, and transformed into his wolf-state as a child. After his parents died, two humans with mechanical enhancements attempted to kill him because he was a mutant. Fortunately, he was saved by Decibel and Cyclops of the X-Men, who brought him to the Xavier Institute.


Wolf Cub first appeared in the Chamber limited-series in Chamber issue 1.

Major Story Arcs

Meeting the Exiles

Knowing the Exiles (Mimic, Nocturne, and Wolf Cub)

Once at the Xavier Institute, Nicholas began making friends. Despite having trouble fitting in at first, Husk helped him adjust. One day as he was playing a game of touch football with Carter, Havok, and Juggernaut, he and Havok got into a disagreement. Losing control of his feral instincts, Nicholas lashed out at Havok, gutting him. Immediately afterward, Nicholas regained control of himself and tried to apologize, but his words went unheard. At that moment, the time-hopping team of Exiles appeared. Their mission: Protect Nicholas and Carter at all costs.

Havok's consciousness was taken away, and Evil Havok had replaced him. The Exiles and X-Men were attacked by Evil Havok, and in the ensuing chaos, Nicholas ran away. As he hid in the underbrush outside the Xavier Institute, the Dominant Species pack returned to both attack the Exiles and X-Men, and to bring Nicholas into their pack.

Under the influence of the Dominant Species

Under the influence of the Dominant Species pack, Nicholas began to lose his mind. He became a feral creature, and attacked Rogue, Husk, and Morph with the Dominant Species. Soon though, he faught off his instinctual urges, and tried to convince Maximus Lobo to leave his friends alone. After realizing that the wolf mutants would not listen to him and planned on killing Wolverine and Husk, Nicholas bought some time by telling them that there is a whole school of mutants nearby, and it would be a good idea to keep the X-Men as hostages instead of outright killing them.

As the Dominant Species made their way to the school, Nicholas ran away. He found the other Exiles, and brought them to where Morph's remains were. After, they met up with the other Exiles and X-Men. They teamed up and defeated Evil Havok and the Dominant Species.

New X-Men

The Paragons

Once the Xavier Institute initiated its Squad program, Nicholas was given the codename Wolf Cub and placed on the Paragons training squad, led by Wolfsbane. After Wolfsbane left the school, Magma became their replacement advisor. Fortunately, after the Scarlet Witch depowered most of mutant-kind, Wolf Cub was one of the few students to keep his powers. The squad system was disbanded, but he continued to be a member of the student body.

Trance, Indra, and Wolf Cub

When the Institute was dragged into Limbo, Wolf Cub was dragged in with Rockslide and the others. When the group was attacked by demons, Wolf Cub let loose and defended his friends by attacking the monsters. After the Darkchilde appeared, he also did his best to defend Pixie from Darkchilde's magics. Later, the student body decided to find out which among them was the youngest mutant. Unfortunately, while eating ice cream with Loa, Wolf Cub was told that all the students expected him to be the youngest. This caused him quite a lot of strife, because the students assumed that the youngest mutant would be a target for mutant haters.

During Messiah Complex, the only time Wolf Cub was seen was when he, Trance and Indra were watching Predator X attack someone through a window. He jumped away when Predator X lunged through the window at them.

Young X-Men and Death

Wolf Cub dying

Wolf Cub was not seen for some time after the events of Messiah Complex, since most of the X-Men had broken up. Wolf Cub was seen once again some weeks later in Germany, seeking revenge on a depowered Maximus Lobo. Wolf Cub eventually found him and was about to kill Maximus when Cyclops stopped him, telling him that if he had the desire to kill, to go with him and that he would point him in the right direction. Cyclops formed a new team of Young X-Men that was operating out of the ruins of the destroyed Xavier Institute. The team's target was the new Brotherhood and former Hellfire Club member Donald Pierce. In the conclusion of a battle, Wolf Cub was killed by Donald Pierce. His teammates where furious and looking for revenge. Wolf Cub however spoke his last famous words to Rockslide, to "not kill Pierce, because X-Men don't kill". Wolf Cub was buried after that, and his teammates still mourn him.


Last Wolf Cub Lycanthropic state

Wolf Cub is a gamma type mutant with permanent lycanthrophic state gives him enhanced senses, strength, endurance, reflexes, speed, agility, stamina, claws and fangs.


Height: 4' 3"

Red Eyed

Weight: 113 lbs

Eyes: Brown (started completly red, then completly white and completly grey-black)

Hair: Brown

Unusual Features: Body covered in brown fur. Pointed ears. Wolf snout. Claws and fangs.

School Yearbook Information

Nicholas in Yearbook


: Moonlit nights, dogs

Dislikes: People who make fun of him.


: Most likely to cry at a movie.

Other Media

Wolverine & the Xmen

Wolverine and the X-Men, Wolf Cub was seen imprisoned in


together with other mutants who have sinned against Genoshan peacemakers. He was seen by Nightcrawler as Scarlet Witch gives him a tour inside a place where mutants are imprisoned.

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