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In this Wizard commissioned 1/2 we get a glimpse into the world of Dawn. I say glimpse as the covers adn story are by Mr Linsner but the artwork is certainly not his. The classic Marvel/DC artist Tom Artis (with a name like that what else could he have become!) fills in the actual artwork.

In the playful style Linsner starts us off with the friends from Lucifer's Halo, Darrian Ashoka and Jaynis Goldbaum, reading comics and discussing which comic book character is better than another. Darrian grows frustrated at his friends lack of knowledge of heros powers and outfits.

Growing board with his friend Darrian goes to sleep. He dreams of Dawn in superhero guise and she thrusts Lucifer's halo into him and changes into a superhero. Darrian is beset by demons who mock him for childhood transgressions and mistakes, enraging him to the point he becomes his alter-ego Death.

He wakes with a start and tells Jaynis about the dream who once again gets his superheros mixed up.







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