Is Wither a male version of Selene maybe?

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Maybe Wither is a male version of Selene, they both seem to be immune to each others powers and seem to be drawn to each other. Wither as he gets older might develop powers like Selene as he gets older. 

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Given recent events, I'd say he's more like a younger version of Eli Bard. 

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@xerox-kitty said:
" Given recent events, I'd say he's more like a younger version of Eli Bard.  "
I'd really hate to compare him to Elephant but I'm going to have to agree with you here in light of recent events.
Both are crazy in love with Selene, and although nobody's going to beat Elephant's urges for the Black Queen, Wither's a very close second.
Wither doesn't really care about the damage that Selene can possibly cause now that she's the big bad goddess she wanted to be all along. He's smiling and all like "Welcome to the New World Order." I'm sure Eli would be doing the same thing if he wasn't a pile of bones right now.  
He had a fixation with Laurie Collins, and after accepting his killing nature, it became "Laurie who?" It's Selene this, Selene that.
I don't mind the evil side of Wither, as I thought it was bound to happen sooner or later.
I think it's getting a bit redundant. Elixir needs to teach this bastard a lesson.

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