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Kaoru Mochizuki was a shy and timid boy who stumbled into shop of the fortune-telling witch Kyoko Kagami while hiding from some thugs, and wound up becoming her assistant/guinea pig for her hypnotic experiments. The results of which make for some sweet side effects, but there are some out there that want Kyoko's powers under their control.


  • Witchcraft Episode 1.....Pg. 7 - Witchcraft 第1話
  • Witchcraft Episode 2.....Pg. 27 - Witchcraft 第2話
  • Witchcraft Episode 3.....Pg. 49 - Witchcraft 第3話
  • Witchcraft Episode 4.....Pg. 71 - Witchcraft 第4話
  • Witchcraft Episode 5.....Pg. 95 - Witchcraft 第5話
  • Witchcraft Episode 6.....Pg. 115 - Witchcraft 第6話
  • Witchcraft Episode 7.....Pg. 135 - Witchcraft 第7話
  • Witchcraft Episode 8.....Pg. 161 - Witchcraft 第8話
  • Witchcraft Last Episode.....Pg.181 - Witchcraft 最終話
  • Afterword.....Pg. 207 - おとがき (Otogaki)







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