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I found Witchblade vol.1 'witchhunt' when I went on my monthly trip to Forbidden Planet. I usually go to the London one, but I had not seen the on in Southampton before so I thought I would go check it out. I found this book for £4 for I thought to myself 'bargain'. I got it home and found out on here that it was starting at issue 80. It is a reinvention of her so it is ok to start here, but there are gaps in the volumes list. Do I have to keep on buying graphic novels and single comics when there are gaps or can I get all 150 issues in graphic novel form? This collection is confusing me but I would like to continue collecting it along with my others.

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If the intent is reading and getting up to speed, I recommend getting compendium books which could be cheap and best way to go. Trades are good but there are too many out there for witchblade and you may end up spending a lot trying to get them all.. Also the current ongoing arc starting with unbalanced pieces is going good. That starts from witchblade #150.

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