Witchblade fron ny comic con

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Hey I figured I would make a thread to show a little of what I did to accomplish the witchblade suit, I also wanted to know who else had gone to NY comic con and if any of you suited up as well, I would like to see who you were and how you did it :>

<--- this was the first fitting of the gauntlet after what seemed like forever building it ... it is built from hot glue the spikes and claws are super sculpey

<---- here is my first suit up after completing the chest piece and face pieces that were adhered by liquid latex i went on to make a pauldron and a loin cloth made of faux leathers scale maille and feather pieces ( the tribal look is due to wanting to make a suit mimicking Una the first wielder of the blade)

and this was my final suit up right before nycc the boots are actually two piece ... first the shin parts are put into place then i put on the half boots thigh piece is also prosthetic secured by a mix up of liquid latex and spirit gum .... the loin cloth has an inner flap sewn in so that there were no photograph "accidents" and the way the room looks is an aftermath of getting suited up at 7 a.m

my youtube channel is "eatmydeath" where i give tutorials on how to make these items and my facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/ErrorFett

I will probably post a photoshoot I had comic con weekend in this thread once I recieve the photos, or more photos from the event if anyone is interested :> THANKS FOR VIEWING! oh ..and if anyone is curious in how i made anything i would be more than happy to share

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DERP! from* .... not fron ... good job self

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you were on the Chive!

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haha yea someone threw it up onto my facebook page, it is my third time posted up over there for something weird i did

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Words cannot describe this.

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http://www.comicvine.com/spot-on-comic-con-new-york-with-rich-rob-part-5-day-1/112-1942/ <----- i was the interview at the 14:20 mark ....so i guess my thread title needs a few corrections .. such as fist blade ....lol

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@NicciFett: Very nice costume. Good job on the old school witchblade costume and I am not ashamed to say that you are a very beautiful woman

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