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So I've just finished the second Witchblade rebirth trade paperback (don't buy singles) as well as all the published so far Artifacts trades. While I admit that I was a little leery at first of the set up of the post rebirth Witchblade. I must say I'm liking it so far, the eldritch abominations with the anti artifacts has so far been presented well. I like the new characters (especially Cain) and I'm getting the feeling that the new writers are putting a lot of effort and in writing a story they enjoy and it shows. I've liked all the stories so far.

I am still kinda sad that some characters seemed to have been tossed into Limbo (Necromancer and Hunter-Killer) but the fact that the series finally seems to be setting up a long term antagonist for the Top Cow universe is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual monster of the week set up or the rather lack luster Artifacts crossover that led to the rebirth.

So has anyone else read them? What do you think?

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