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Selzer mocks Jake in the car as they drive to Irons' penthouse, claiming Sara is already dead. He confuses Jake by talking about the Witchblade and reveals that Irons is his boss. 
Sara meanwhile is despairing and in panic over what's happening, distraught that her dream of opulence and wealth has been dashed. Irons finally reveals that he has been behind everything all along. He mocks her and laughs off Michael's death. He tells her that Nottingham attacked her on Liberty Island to drain the Witchblade's power so that he (Irons) could more easily take it himself. Sara begs Nottingham to help, talking about their shared dream. At first he doesn't stop, but then turns around and attacks Irons. Sadly this is futile, and Irons beats Nottingham badly with his fists before throwing him out the window. Sara finally cottons on the fact that Irons organized the tournament at the Rialto and had her followed the whole time. Desperate, she tries to pull off the Witchblade but it doesn't work. Irons begins the process of transferring the Witchblade to himself and manages to take some part of it, which forms the jagged armor around him. 
Irons demands the rest of the Witchblade from Sara, just as Jake and Selzer show up. Selzer gets blasted by Irons using the Witchblade energy. Jake tries to shoot Irons who retaliated by stabbing him with a thin Witchblade barb through the shoulder. 
This finally motivates Sara's natural protective instincts and she leaps into action, seeing Jake as Michael all over again. Irons blasts Sara out the window but she recovers and forms her own Witchblade armor. Irons thinks he is in control, but Sara has realized that the Witchblade only bonds with women, so she is its true owner. The Witchblade armor falls off Irons and reattaches to her. Defeated, Irons makes one last attack, then begs Sara to kill him. She refuses, resisting the urging of the Witchblade, but he throws himself off the building anyway. 
Standing on the rooftop, Sara acknowledges that she must now take on the power of the Witchblade and use it to help her in her life.

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