wmwadeii's Witchblade #175 - Into The Fire; Temple Of Shadows; 4 For 5 review

Witchblade #175 Review

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  • Cover & Solicit - 5/5
  • Art, Colors & Inking - 4/5 - Weighted Double
  • Layout & Flow - 5/5
  • Story - 5/5 - Weighted Triple

Verdict - 4.7 (9.5/10)

After the last arc I was really excited for the anniversary issue. The team of Ron Marz, Laura Braga, and Betsy Gonia are doing a great job since their assignment to the book and this issue is no exception. The first two storied in the issue by them are excellently done and a great read. The final story by newcomer Ashely Robinson and veteran artists Carlos Rodriguez and Bill Farmer work great together and bring you a new story from the past for the Witchblade mythos. If you missed the last arc make sure you pickup this issue as your jumping on point, and don't forget to grab the TPB for the last arc as it's a must read.

- For my FULL thoughts and previews of this issue, see the Witchblade #175 Review at Images Unplugged.


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