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During the events of Cataclysm, Samantha and several other Arkham inmates are released by the Joker and proceed to run amok in the asylum. Samantha makes allusions to her previous life, claiming that Greg Roark, a guard the group had taken prisoner, was there when she died. The group of inmates decide to compete in a scary story telling competition where the winner gets to kill Greg. Samantha tells the story of her past life in Salem, where she was accused of being a witch, branded with a pentagram and then burnt at the stake. She claims that she was reincarnated and remembers the face of every man who watched her die. The competition ends with no winner and each inmate laying claim to a different part of Greg; Samantha chose the arms. Order is restored in Arkham before Greg can be killed, and the fate of Samantha is not expanded upon. Greg however is so severely disturbed that he becomes an inmate of Arkham. Samantha is seen again among the Arkham inmates in the three issue Road to No Man's Land story arc Waxman and the Clown, but has a very minor role in the events. She is released from the asylum along with all the other inmates but is not seen in No Man's Land.

Identity Confusion

Witch was one of two new female Arkham Asylum inmates mentioned in a single panel of Batman Villains Secret Files & Origins #1, as was Vox. It was originally not clarified whether the woman with the pentagram on her forehead shown in the panel was Witch or Vox. In her subsequent appearance, Batman: Arkham Asylum -Tales of Madness, it is clarified that Vox is another character, however the woman with the pentagram is only referred to as Samantha not Witch. The cell door she stands in front of reads "Samantha Voz."

In Batman: Shadow of the Bat #80, a female inmate meets with Jeremiah Arkham. The illustration resembles Witch, a caucasian woman with a pentagram on her forehead, but the caption identifies the character as Vox and the dialog mentions "the voices" a disorder Vox suffered from.

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