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Hannibal White, also known as Wise Son, was another gang member at the famous Big Bang. He was among those who survived and were bestowed powers. Hannibal gained the gift of invulnerability,making his body a heavily dense material.

Wise was one of the most hot tempered members of the Blood Syndicate. He would eventually be pushed into the role of leader when Tech-9 died. His aggressive attitude led him to be at odds with almost all of the Syndicate's members. Wise, even if he was hard to deal with, did come through as the teams leader on more than one occasion.

Wise is an very intelligent man, he's also an american Muslim, and a teenage father. He has a sister named Cornelia and a son named Edmund White. Both became bang babies after sneaking to the big bang gang fight in attempt to convince Wise to return home and got affected by gas.


Wise son battling Holocaust for the leadership of the Blood Syndicate.

Wise Son reappears to officially decide who will lead the Blood Syndicate, him or Holocaust. Interrupting Holocaust's ambush for Icon, Wise states that Holocaust isn't rightfully the leader of the Syndicate. He says he is still the leader and, as a testament to that fact, wears Tech-9's old hat. Holocaust battles Wise for the title and, in a climatic ending where Holocaust extends all his power, loses. Holocaust dies and Wise Son is still the official leader of the Blood Syndicate stating that they are more than just some gang, they are a family.


His skin is made up of an ultra-dense molecular structure, Wise Son is, to the extent thus far demonstrated, beyond the reach of physical harm.And to a degree super strength. He can still be stunned or knocked unconscious (as demonstrated in his fight with Icon), though this requires quite a bit of effort.

During the " Wise Son: The White Wolf" miniseries he managed to extend his ability to his pregnant girlfriend by way of touch, it is unknown if Wise will ever be able to do that again In Milestone Forever #1 during his battle with Holocaust, Wise Son appears to have the ability to make an opponent possessing super human abilities vulnerable when in direct contact with him. This also seems to weaken Wise Son as well. After using this ability to defeat Holocaust and reclaim his title as leader of the Syndicate, Wise stated to the others watching:" I think I started to feel that"

Wise Son shares his power with his unborn child and the mother

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