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Winter (named after Bigby's mother), was the first of Snow White's litter to be born and the only one who looked completely human at the time, her brothers and sisters being in various stages between wolf and human or invisible. She is portrayed as being shy and cuddly, often shown sucking her thumb or holding a stuffed animal, usually the only one of the cubs to do so. Besides Ambrose, she's also shown to be the one of the few who stays in her human form. Her brother Darien has referred to Winter as the runt of the litter, despite her being the oldest. Like the rest of her brothers and sisters, except for Ghost (for obvious reasons), all love and adore their grandfather, Mr. North.

After her grandfather's death and due to a series of test she and her siblings (minus Ghost to still protect him), she's chosen as the new North Wind and King (there's no 'Queen' title, the position is gender neutral and it is claimed the cubs can choose whatever gender they want although that's another matter entirely). Recently in the Cubs in Toyland, Winter will be sent along with Bigby to watch over her, to school for her training. However, Winter reveals she's not entirely happy about her new position. As of lately, she's been having nightmares of her future self, that while she is the North Wind they want her to be and at the same time not. Her kind and gentle demeanor is deteriorated. She describes her future self as mean, cruel, selfish person, who makes everyone do what she wants, and makes others fear her. Proving once again Frau's warning that "Seven isn't always a lucky number", but whether Winter will truly become that, is left to her future.

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