innate0912's Winter Soldier #4 - The Longest Winter, Part 4 review

We are Von Doom

Dr. Doom helps in tracking down the Doombot that Lucia Von Bardas would soon deploy. During the mission, Doom and Bucky run in to Arkady, an awoken Sleeper Agent, and a Dr. Doom duplicate.


As expected, the cover art continues to amaze. The art for this issue is nothing short of perfect. The environment was well drawn and the layout was properly used in storytelling. The series is almost ready to be concluded and pieces of the puzzle are now all falling into place. With a handful of revelations for this issue, the pace didn't go too fast and it let the readers absorb everything that was going down. The dialogue was great and was successful in reeling the readers' attention. This issue isn't short-handed on action; Dr. Doom displays his power and capabilities and Bucky is finally showcased on a one-on-one brawl.


This issue is perfect in all aspects. Readers will be in suspense on how things will end.

Final Score

Brubaker and his team nailed it. This issue is their best one yet and despite the saying that it can only go down once you're on the top, I'm sure they'll best their latest issue once again for the upcoming finale. I can't wait to read to conclusion for this amazing and underrated series. 5/5 stars.

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