dark_noldor's Winter Soldier #14 - Black Widow Hunt Conclusion review

The Ultimate Sacrifice

I wasn't a big fan of Bucky before reading Ed Brubakers run in Captain America. I started to like this loose cannon, young rebel, still honor bound Captain America protegé that suffered so much in rusky hands. Then, in the disaterous Fear Itself, Bucky "died", perhaps the quickest resurrection Marvel ever did, and came back in his solo title. This arc story, though it have the appearences of Wolverine and Hawkeye, a good amount of action, so many good dialogues and a decent plot, was definitely the sign that Brubaker did all he could for the franchise, so as a farewell it was an emotional and climatic read, but when you talk about quality, this is way shorter than Brubaker's best in Cap's first stories. Though I didn't enjoyed this arc story very much, first because it was a five issue arc story, secondly because it aproaches the very same themes that hover and surround the characters, that is brain washing, making it a worn up theme, it's not interesting anymore, there's a great thing about it: it's about one of the best couples in comics so far, Bucky and Natasha, they were really great. It's difficult to see such an interesting and sexy couple like them. It's not that I didn't like Burbaker's story, but in this book he wasn't very creative, also haven't delivered great stories as he did, previous in the Captain America title. Butch Guice did his usual terrific job giving life to Natasha's gracious ability and Bucky's hard head temper, he's such a talented artist! This issue was important for the historical significance, but if you haven't follow Brubaker's run in Captain America, this isn't vital in your collection!

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