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Winston was a wealthy businessman, whose characteristics where to always get what he wanted, no matter what the stakes where. He had a son and 3 daughters, among them Emma Frost who later become the White Queen, and enemy of the X-men. Winston was very strict with his children. He would only expect the best from them, and would only give negative feedback when they did not succeeded in his eyes, never applaud them when they did succeed. Emma, who at the time was still an innocent girl, was developing her mutant powers for the first time and had kissed a teacher from her school. This was enough reason for Winston to get the teacher fired from the school. This and numerous reasons let Emma to abandon her home and seek out her own fortune witch eventually led to her joining the Hellfire Club as their White Queen. As for her brother Christian (the only son in the family) Winston sent him to a psychiatric institution when it was revealed he was gay, deciding to turn over his birthright (as the son of the family) of the Frost family fortune to one of his daughters. Since Cristian was the only one of the siblings (or of the family) that had any empathy or kindness, and also since he was the one sibling she loved and had a connection with, her fathers treatment and rejection of him is one of the driving forces for her rejecting an inheritance and washing her hands of the family.

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