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After World War I and World War II, U.S. Navy Captain Jim Lockhart (also known as the golden age hero Red Torpedo) started a company, Lockhart Navionics. Lockhart Navionics made Lockhart billions of dollars, which he dedicated to helping the world. At Lockhart Navionics, Lockhart created Windward Home, a mobile seafaring city that he ran with his second-in-command, Elsa Magnusson. Lockhart and Magnusson created Wayward Home as a mobile think tank, which brought together scientists and scholars from across the Earth into an environment free from life’s daily trials. Since Windward Home operates in international waters, the inhabitants are subject to no one nation’s laws. Windward Home’s inhabitants come from all the races of Earth, including some aliens and at least one inhabitant of Feithera. Their research covers all topics, from technology to sorcery.
The Windward Home eventually found itself the home of the Sea Devils. In addition, once the Spectre destroyed Atlantis, some Atlanteans came to Lockhart’s Windward Home, including the ghost of Vulko. A.J. Curry and King Shark joined Vulko at Windward Home to help search for Aquaman, but left shortly after when they discovered Aquaman’s dead body. 

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