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Young Wind


The only child of Wild Saber Of The North (Nip Yan Wong), Wind was brought up by his father after his mother left for another man. This drives his father over the edge and Winds child hood was mostly spent alone and looking after himself. Even with his father mad the young wind follows him like a lost puppy and from his father learns the family Martial Art's , just by watching his fathers movements.

During one of his fathers many duels this one with Duen Sui, we first meet Cloud as he jumps into the battle as the Fire Kirin appears. The deamon takes away Nip and Wind and Duen Sui son Duen Long end up in a near by river. The two are soon rescued by Hung Ba. Hung Ba is aware of a prophecy that tells him that Wind and Cloud will lead him to power and upon learning Winds name makes him a disciple along with Frost and Cloud.

The Tin Ha Wui


Wind soon becomes a very powerful figher within Hung Ba's clan only 2nd to Cloud and soon the two young warriors are sent forth on their first mission to kill Duk Gu Yat Fong . Duk is a master level fighter but is still defeated by Wind and in-fact Wind had beaten Cloud to the battlefield, this was all due to the Berserk Blood that lays within him Hung Ba realizes that he has underestimated Wind and becomes suspicious of him. But everything was going to change as Hung Ba waits for the second part of the prophecy that had told of Cloud and Winds power and how it would only make Hung Ba stronger. Hung Ba sends two of his students to find the Monk who first told the prophecy the Mud Buddha and bring him back to tell the rest of his Prophecy. Finally the two young students find him but before they can catch him Tin Ha Wui appears and defeats both Frost and Wind with ease and takes the Monk away with him. It turns out that Tin Ha Wui is Hung Ba in disguise and forces the Monk to tell him what he wants to know after finding out the truth he kills the monk and the grand children that he had with him

With the final part of the prophecy told Hung Ba sets his plans in action. The first Prophecy had told of Wind and Cloud helping him gain power the seconded part told of how Wind and Cloud would be his down fall. Hung Ba knows that Cloud is in love with one of his servants Charity and starts to manipulate them from the dark. He makes Charity marry frost to force Cloud to have an affair with her, Wind discovers this and warns Cloud that what he is doing is wrong and that Charity is married to frost not him. A feud builds between the two much to the pleasure of Hung Ba his plan now in full swing. As the feud grows it final ends in a battle between Cloud and Wind, Hung ba before the battle tells Cloud of Winds weakness and Cloud soon has full control of the battle, but as he goes to make his death strike Charity throws herself between the two and takes the blow, as she dies she tells how she loves Wind not Cloud. Cloud does not believe her and takes her body away with him and becomes and out law from Tin Ha Wui.


Wind also leaves Tin Ha Wui and is soon hunted by Hung Ba’s assassins, Wind later meets Frost who reunites him with Cloud and tells the two of them of Hung Ba’s manipulation and how it is their destiny to beat him. Hung Ba himself finally finds the two and a battle erupts, Hung ba is too powerful and almost defeats the two of them as he goes to kill Cloud with finger pierce art but is blocked by Wind. Wind is blinded in his left eye because of the attack and the two escape before Hung Ba can finish them off. They now know that they need to become stronger before facing Hung Ba again and Wind sets out to visit the cave of his fathers death. Wind learns Supreme Six Cold Stance and also finds his fathers sword Blizzard Saber, while there Wind finds the Kirin Seed and offers it to Cloud. This increases there inner strength and all the wounds from their first fight with Hung Ba are heald. Meeting Nameless the man who had saved Cloud as a child, they become even stronger learning Mor Ho Mo Leung and finally go to face Hung Ba. The two of them soon have the battle won and Hung Ba retreats but Cloud catches up with him and kills him and his daughter.

Wind And Cloud

Juet Sun starts his invasion of and even manages to replace the Emperor with his own son and holds the real Emperor hostage. As the battle rages between the two countries Wind meets with Cloud and hopes that with his help the can control the chaos around them. But Cloud goes to save some old friends who have been captured by the Imperial army and soon ends up captured himself. Wind instantly goes to rescue his friend and as he sets him free the two are encountered by Sun for the first time. They are soon over powered by him and pinned to the wall, but at the last moment the King Of Swords comes to their rescue . A battle breaks out between the two great warriors and Cloud and Wind escape as the King Of Swords is struck down before them. Knowing they will now need to gain more power to face Juet they seek out the Third Pig Emperor who informs them the only way to defeat Juet is to learn the Demonic Saber. But he will only teach one of them this power, after testing the two he pick Wind as Cloud shows to much anger and that Wind's calm personality is more suitable for mastering the skill which will cause the practitioner to become more demonic and evil. Wind Vanishes from Kong Woo as he is unstabe in Demon form.

Nameless and Cloud fight Juet who has become even more powerful using his Gold Body Armour that deflects all of Cloud and Nameless attacks, Cloud manages to finally break the armour and Wind reappears, as Juet goes on the attack and the two fight, Wind is able to Juet as well as killing several of Juets elite guards, but juet manages to escape and Wind refuses to let him go and starts to hunt him all the way underground. While chasing after juet Wind meets Po Kuan and the two battle, Wind soon has the upper hand but that soon changes as Kuan uses a chemical attack that renders Wind unconscious.

Dragon Bones

Friends To The End

While Wind is studying the Heavenly Emperor a warlord of becomes an ally of the two warriors in order to take on Juet Mo San. But before they can act Juet Mo San is killed by his own son Juet Sum. While in his demon trance Wind is taken by Heavenly Emperor and forced to help him find and steal the dragon bones While in his demon trance Wind is taken by Heavenly Emperor and forced to help him find and steal the dragon bones Nameless joins forces with Cloud to free his pupil from Heavenly Emperor’s grasp and the two kill him in a great battle. But Wind steals the Dragon bones. The bones join with Winds demonic powers and transform him into the Kirin Demon. Cloud along with the help of five others battle the demon while trying to free Wind. Finally Cloud knocks Wind to safety but at the cost of his own safety falling from a cliff Cloud lands in the water below and vanishes before Wind can save him.

Much later Winds family save a young boy strandad at sea little did they know that this was infact the son of Cloud who had not died after his fall off the cliff but was infact alive and had forgotten his memory and was now running from his past.

Tin Mun

Their Destiny

Cloud is finally reunited with his son and finds Nameless and his wife Yu Chor Chor. But once again he is soon in another fight with Royal Shadow, the Ultimate Sword will never let him know peace as warriors want to take it or test their strength against it. But shortly after the fight Nameless, Royal Shadow and Clouds family all vanish. Cloud instantly sets of to find them and he soon finds himself at the door’s of the evil Tin Mun. Where he is greeted and eve reunited with his daughter he thought he had lost Bou Ting. With the help of Chui Fook the former teacher of Dai Seik the leader of Tin Mun. Cloud agrees to help Chui Fook and returns to Tin Mun in order to spy on him and help Chui destroy him, Cloud helps Dai Seik hunt for the Dragon.

After killing the Drgaon, Cloud once again meets Wind and the two set of to save an old friend who has been captured by Tin Mun. Nameless meets the two and explains that Chui Fook is in-fact Dai Seik who can split in two. With this news Wind and Cloud set out and face the two sides of the one man back to back. With the help of Wai Hung and Mou Yee they gain the upper hand. Dai Seik retreats and is killed by Duen Long. Duen Long takes Dai Seiks powers for his own and along with his new powers and the Dragon Pills he becomes the second Kirin Demon.

Long attacks clouds family and kills wife and Bou Wan, he demands that Cloud face him. Cloud knows he cannot beat Long and seeks out a Dragon Pill of his own to help empower him. Po Kuan and San Yee help him and Cloud gains the Dragon pill. Once again Wind comes to Clouds aid and the two fight Long. In the battle Long is almost killed from Wind and Clouds attacks and Nameless shows up and gains the final blow that finally kills Long. But as he dies Long free’s a snowstorm that catches both Cloud and Wind and the two are Frozen for twenty years.


Wind uses Ice Heart Knack technique that he learned from his father and Deity of Wind Kick that he learned with Conquer's third technique

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