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Wilykat is a member of the Thundercats that now live on Third Earth after their home planet exploded, protecting it from the evil forces of Mumm-Ra and his mutants. He was tasked along with his sister for one of Lion-O's anointment trials. Wilykat utilizes various capsules and pellets that can explode, gas, explode into a bunch of pebbles. Wilykat is also skilled in riding his hover board.


ThunderCats 2011 Version

Wilykat is the male of the Wileys and his sister is WilyKit. Their history was revealed to be that their family owned a farm outside of Thundera. Their father would read them the story of El-Dara often. They have two younger siblings and a mother. After a tornado hit, their father was killed and destroyed all of their crops leaving them near broke and unable to afford food for all of them, their mother would skip out on meals to let her kids eat. They decided to leave for Thundera so their mother could eat and find El-Dara Wilykat and his sister often wander the streets where they would at first beg for food but in order to survive. Eventually Wilykat uses his words to distract while Wilykit uses her musicial instrument to hypnotize them. Wilykat then steals food and money from people. Both he and his sister dream of someday saving up enough money to go and find a map that will lead them to the lost city of gold and riches, El-dara, where "cats will be begging them for money." They join the Thundercats, Lion-O, Cheetara and Tygra, along with Panthro to defeat the evil force of Mumm-Ra and gather the Stones of Power. They are joined by Pumyra and are eventually betrayed by her for Mumm-Ra whom she was working with all along and is his lover. This costs them the tech stone. The kittens did save the cats from being killed by Mumm-Ra by using the Forever Bag which houses any item they want and stuffed the backup in there.

the 2011 version voiced by Eamon Pirrucello

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