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Willowry was a outcast who wanted to be accepted. She then looked up Raven Hex and decided to be her apprentice. While heading to her home she was attaccked by two guys. Raven Hex then came and turned them into frogs. Willowry then asked if she could be her apprentice. Raven Hex said no but after hearing her story changed her mind. But after a few days of chores she became fed up with her routine and not learning any magic. One day when picking mushrooms Crypt Chick arrived and asked her to preform a spell to return her flesh. Willowry accepting her offer do to being able to cast spells finally ran back to Raven Hex's tower and stole on of her books but not before leaving a note saying she quits. After finishing the spell to revive brandi she forgot to say the Goddess' name. She was then turned into a tree as punishment.

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