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Character History

William Stryker was one of the wort of the worst kind of criminals involved in a many crimes like drug trafficking, prostitution, white slavery, child pornography, murder and rape.  He once shot a man J. J. Davis and raped his fiance while he was still in the room bleeding to death.  J .J. survived but his fiance was so traumatically damaged she was in a vegetative state. 
The case went to court and the District Attorney (D.A.) for the case was Adrian Chase.  The case however was thrown out of court on a technicality.  This infuriated J. J. and he lunged at William.  Later Adrian became the Vigilante and J. J. has his ally.  Once William resurfaced Vigilante  went after him to kill him.  His first attempt failed and Vigilante had to try again.
In the meantime Arthur Hall got the Teen Titans help to cover William on his way to prison for a mere one year sentence.  Cyborg volunteered but regretted it after personally seeing what kind of scum William really was.  Despite that he protected William while Vigilante hunted him down.  All the while Cyborg kept trying to convince Vigilante not to kill.  At the end Vigilante shot Cyborg and did something to William to get him to reveal what he had done and where "the bodies where buried" so to speak, but he didn't kill him.

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