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I missed the New X-Men issues with Styker in it. Has his origin been ret-coned? When he was first introduced in "God Loves, Man Kills," there was absolutely no mention of any ties to Wolverine and Weapon X. (I saw that it's mentioned on his wikipedia page but we know that's not 100% accurate). Yes that's the angle they took in X-2 but when he was in the military, he didn't even know what a mutant was. If he was involved with Weapon X, I'm sure he'd know what a mutant was. Also, the article here makes it sound like his wife and child incident occurred after he was in the military. That's not the case.

Maybe it's just me being too picky. Maybe I'm just questioning this so much because I'm assuming whoever wrote this knew enough about the character to actually write his history.

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The one wrote it probably based it on the movie version.

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I think they did retcon it to be similar to the movies (for fans who became X-Men fans after the movie), wouldn't be the first time they did that (Spider-Man's webshooters).
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