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The Willbreaker was originally forged along with mjinor in Asgard centuries ago and was given to the warrior Greithoth who was considered such a powerful warrior not even Skirn (his wife and breaker of men) could not break in any battle. Following the defeat of the Serpent, Cul, Greithoth and the rest of the Serpent's Worthy were imprisoned in their hammers and hidden in the dark reaches of Asgard for centuries. Following the Serpent's return, the Absorbing Man, became Greithoth's avatar and reunited with Skirn (Titania) and the two went forth to bring fear to the world. However, despite the power of Greithoth, the Absorbing Man's hatred of Hank Pym and the Avengers Acadamey continued to influence Greithoth's motivation.

Following the defeat of the Serpent, Willbreaker was seperated from the Absorbing Man and returned to the North Africa where both Daimon Hellstrom and the Monkey King hope to claim the hammer.

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