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Will Everett Jr. was the son of the Golden Age hero and former member of the All-Star Squadron known as the Amazing-Man. Like his father, Will Jr. gained the ability to transform his body and clothing into a material simply by touching it. However, unlike his father, Will Jr. received those powers from birth. Will Jr. did not want a life as a super-hero, however, and eventually had a son himself: Will Everett III. Both Will Jr. and his father were pleased when Will the Third showed no evidence of any super-powers.
Will Jr. either enlisted or was drafted into the U.S. Army, and served during the Vietnam War. Little has been revealed about his tour-of-duty over there, other than he was killed in action. The death of Will Jr. made young Will the Third dislike the role of “hero.” Eventually, though, the alien Overmaster triggered the latent powers within Will Everett III, who ended up following in his grandfather’s footsteps to become the second Amazing-Man. 

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