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Wilhelm's human face

Wilhelm was once a normal human being. He fell in love with a woman named Zahra. But as a commoner he was unable to get close to her. Asking Belinda for a wish, he wished the power and wealth his master had. He discovered quickly that this didn't got him the love of Zahra, so he asked for another wish from Belinda. This time, he wished for the love of Zahra. This didn't sit well with his former master, who also loved Zahra. The former master went to Belinda to ask for a way of revenge. His revenge, a fire demon, got Zahra killed. He tended to her body as best as he could. One day he saw snakes entering her room. He killed them with his sword. Then another snake entered the room, with small leaves in his mouth. The snake placed the leaves on the dead snakes' bodies and they healed from their wounds. Seeing this, Wilhelm placed the leaves on Zahra's body and indeed she healed. Fearing questions about her resurrection, Wilhelm took Zahra aboard a ship to sail off. One day, he walked unto the deck, seeing Zahra in the arms of another man. It seemed that Zahra was a temptress. Wilhelm was stabbed by the other man and thrown overboard. The leaves, still in his possession, healed him, but also turned his body into that of a human snake. Returning to Zahra, she died from fright upon seeing his new look. This led Wilhelm to swear to live out his life with his new appearance, as penance for being to weak to let Zahra go.

He became one of Sinbad's crew.

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