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Wilhelm Ryan was originally the Mage of Sector 6. Ryan and his general Mayo Deftinwolf invaded Sector 10 and killed the Mage Rolander Gurash, initiating the Mage Wars. Ryan was the victor of the war after killing Mage Covent Marth and turning the remaining mages into the Onstantine Priests at the Battle of Apity Prime. From that moment on he became known as the Supreme Tri-Mage of Heaven's Fence. He then devised a plan to manipulate the Knowledge and the Beast (Coheed and Cambria) to eradicate Mariah Antillerea and the remaining rebellion that opposed his rule. 6 years later, in In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, Ryan had told the general public lies about the fate of Coheed and Cambria. He tarnished their image and made them appear as terrorists, so that the public's approval of Ryan would rise and his own image would be well-kept.

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