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SAN FRANCISCO --DC Comics concluded its WonderCon programming on Sunday with a panel devoted to WildStorm Productions. Panelists include Bob Wayne, Scott Peterson, Kurt Busiek and J.J. Kirby.

Following are highights:

DC/WildStorm: Dreamwar is written by Keith Giffen, with art by Lee Garbett.

"It is basically the DC Comics heroes vs. the WildStorm heroes," Peterson said, noting that the Justice League and the Authority are not going to like each other even if they eventually come together.

Peterson said that Giffen found a way to construct the stories so that the Multiverses are not involved.

Both Peterson and Wayne said that it should be a breakout series by Garbett.

Garbett and Giffen are currently working on a five-issue arc of Midnighter.

Peterson said the pages from Fiona Staples on The Secret History of the Authority: Jack Hawksmoor #3 have been "extremely satisfying."

Kirby said that New Dynamix allowed him to bring some WildStorm heroes up to date. "It's a lot of fun," he said.

Both Kirtby and writer Allen Warner live in the Bay Area, where the series is set.

Jim Lee then arrived, and said that the creators' enthusiasm for such characters as Brass and Union helped sell him on the series.

Number of the Beast launches in April. "I've read the first three issues. Scott Beatty is a super writer and Chris Sprouse is really engaged," Peterson said, adding that it will have "huge" and "permanent" ramifications for the WildStorm Universe.

Batman: Death Mask will be a CMX title. It's a traditional manga by Yoshinori Natsume, set in both present day and flashing back to the past. It deals with Bruce Wayne's past activities in Japan and how they impact current events in Gotham City.

The first hardcover of Ex Machina is slated for June.

Busiek said that Brent Anderson is midway through the second issue of Book Three of The Dark Age and it will be solicited when enough art is turned in so that it can be published monthly.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Raising Cain is written by Bruce Jones, with art by newcomer Chris Gugliotti. "It's another story of those wild, wacky Hewitts," Peterson said.

The story is about twin boys who are born in the Hewitt clan, but separated.

Peterson said that the sold-out success of Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash's first four isses has been a surprise -- to everybody except the creators. He noted the obession of detail by artist Jason Craig.

Lee noted that World of Warcraft isn't just an adaptation in that WildStorm is working closely with Blizzard Entertainment. He said he will be doing "five or six covers" for the series.

Peterson said there will be more Welcome to Tranquility, with another project plan.

Busiek said the next Arrowsmith project, Arrowsmith: Fram from the Fields We Know, will be a profusely illustrated novel, with art by Carlos Pacheco. He said it will show how the Arrowsmith world works and reveal the major villain.

Lee said he has the second Wildcats script from Grant Morrison, but it won't be solicited until it is ready. Lee said it will be a six-issue series, with the story taking place before current continuity.

Peterson said DreamWar will not impact the work of Garbett and Giffen on Midnighter.

Peterson said there are plans for the major WildStorm characters that are along in the progress but couldn't reveal details yet.

"It's a very exciting concept. It's different. It's unique," Wayne said.

Peterson said characters from Sleeper will be appearing in "the not-so-distance future."

The return of Desolation Jones depends on Warren Ellis' ability to work on the book, Peterson said.

Peterson said the next issue of Planetary is written, John Cassaday is blocking out time to draw it and he anticipates a fourth-quarter release.

Peterson said there are currently no plans for Kev. "I think Garth (Ennis) is very satisfied with amount of Kev that is out there," Peterson said. "If he wants to write more, we would be very happy."

Lee said he anticipates he and Frank Miller will be doing "about 20 issues" of All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Gene Ha and Zander Cannon are working on a new Top Ten series, and Peterson said Ha is nearly finished with the first issue. "It's called Top Ten: Season 3 and takes place after the 49ers," Peterson said.

Peterson said he talked to Morrison two weeks ago about The Authority, and there is "very serious progress" and it should start shipping again toward the end of this year.

(The bold is for things I like.)

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