the presence

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does the presence reside over the wildstorm universe

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what is the presence?
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@grifter78 said:
" @agent9149:  what is the presence? "
DC God. 
It presumably does, given that Wildstorm is now part of DC universe.
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@grifter78 said:
" @agent9149:  what is the presence? "
Yahweh, from Lucifer. The omnipotent being of the DCU. Their version of The One Above All. As far as I can tell, there is no reason to believe he/it wouldn't. The WSU is one of the 52 worlds, so that should fall within its creation/sphere of influence.
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hmmm, that's very interesting.

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Presence is the DC God and technically Wildstorm is Earth-50 in the DC Universe.

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