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This is just some info I've seen from NYCC about the state of the WSU following Number of the Beast.

WildStorm's big announcement at the panel tonight was their World's End event. Details are still being kept under wraps, but they did reveal the following post-World's End titles and their creative teams: WildCats, The Authority, Gen 13 and Stormwatch PHD. The books have been written and drawn for the past few months and should not have the problems with lateness that WildStorm's WorldStorm had.

Wildcats will be written by Chris Gage with art by Neil Gouge and will feature members like Grifter, Spartan, Maul, Ladytron and Majestic in what looks like a post-apocalyptic LA (a running theme for these books).

The Authority will be written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Simon Colby and promises to show fans something they've never seen before in an Authority comic. Gen 13 will continue with it's previous numbering and has an interesting twist as the kids find themselves in this World's End world with no idea how they got there. The book will be written by Scott Beatty and drawn by Mike Huddleston.

Finally, Stormwatch PHD will return written by Ian Edgington and drawn by Liam Fernandez and will feature a surprising line-up.

In reference to World Storm's previous misfires like The Authority and WildCats, Keith Giffen will finish up Grant Morrison's scripts for The Authority while Grant and Jim Lee will finish their take on WildCats, which they're saying is now considered an All-Star-like look at the Cats.

The WildStorm crew also mentioned a book called Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow written by B. Clay Moore and Storming Paradise, a WWII book written by Chuck Dixon and drawn by Butch Guice. Licensed books include X-Files, Chuck, Supernatural, World of Warcraft and Prototype, a comic based on a popular video game.


Only a few comments for now. I already posted some of the Wildcats stuff and my thoughts on that in its own forum, but I'm still excited. Anyone think Gen 13 looks a little too cartoony? Anyone think it will work anyway? Abnett & Lanning on Authority? How ####ing cool is that? Why isn't Jack in the picture though? Don't know if it was in the info I posted or not, but the unfinished Authority and Wildcats comics from the Worldstorm will be finished and collected as sort of a "All Star" version.

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Christos Gage will be writing backup stories about various WSU teams and characters, including: Marc Slayton, drawn by Mike McKone, Dane/Wetworks by Brandon Badeaux (Wetworks: Armageddon), Cybernary, by Pete Woods, Christine Blaze (also with Lynch and the original Backlash, set in the '70's) by Phil Noto, and...Team Achilles by Ivan Reis. There are also plans for something involving Dv8 in '09.

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holy S#it!!!!

damn... this is going to blow Final Crisis out of the water lol


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yeah... this is going to be so cool...

hell, this might even be cooler than the War of Light


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DnA on Authority? Genius!!!!!

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i know Methos might castrate me for this but

Whos the old guy

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Sling Shot says:

"DnA on Authority? Genius!!!!!"

I know!!! That's probably my favorite thing. I say probably because Gage is on Wildcats and I think that'll be awesome, but Abnett/Lanning are gold.

Darkchild says:

"i know Methos might castrate me for this butWhos the old guy"

Jackson King.

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i love the bottom image... Grifter's 'face' is just screaming...

"Oh hell, i'm going to get shafted here..."


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Ketch says:

"Christos Gage will be writing backup stories about various WSU teams and characters, including: Marc Slayton, drawn by Mike McKone, Dane/Wetworks by Brandon Badeaux (Wetworks: Armageddon), Cybernary, by Pete Woods, Christine Blaze (also with Lynch and the original Backlash, set in the '70's) by Phil Noto, and...Team Achilles by Ivan Reis. There are also plans for something involving Dv8 in '09."

Dan and Slayton make this the best news i have heard all month

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Buckshot says:

"Sling Shot says:
"DnA on Authority? Genius!!!!!"

I know!!! That's probably my favorite thing. I say probably because Gage is on Wildcats and I think that'll be awesome, but Abnett/Lanning are gold.

Darkchild says:

"i know Methos might castrate me for this butWhos the old guy"

Jackson King."

thank u Buck.

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Dormath says:

"Ketch says:
"Christos Gage will be writing backup stories about various WSU teams and characters, including: Marc Slayton, drawn by Mike McKone, Dane/Wetworks by Brandon Badeaux (Wetworks: Armageddon), Cybernary, by Pete Woods, Christine Blaze (also with Lynch and the original Backlash, set in the '70's) by Phil Noto, and...Team Achilles by Ivan Reis. There are also plans for something involving Dv8 in '09."

Dan and Slayton make this the best news i have heard all month "

Of all of those, Team Achilles is the one I want to read most.

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Just popping in to post these World's End previews then I'm back to work.

Gen 13:

StormWatch PHD:

Cray leading a strike team? Awesome. Flint? Awesome, wonder where Santini is though. Jackson King's beard? Awesome.

And last but certainly not least...Authority:

This is just too much goodness for one sitting. I'll restrict myself to one comment: Looks like Swift might actually get some character development now that the tech, the magic and the big guns are out and she's actually useful for once.

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just damn...

The Authority preview looks amazing and has definitely grabbed my attention for more...

the Gen13 issue didn't really do anything for me surprisingly, but the Authority issue made up for it lol


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An interview with Ben Abernathy from The Higher Authority:

Chris Striker: So with the news coming out of this year's New York Comic Con, we can safely say that you plan on destroying the Wildstorm Universe as we know it, right?

Ben Abernathy: Yeah, I think that’s a safe bet!

Chris: Would you consider the reactions to World’s End by fans as Positive?

Ben: Well, so far I’d say it’s been positive! The reaction on-line as been positive since we announced it and the people who’ve read the material really seem to enjoy it. But I guess we won’t really know until the end of July, will we?

Chris: In our last interview, the question about Wildstorm Brand came up, with the Trinity trilogy, are you hoping to use that as a spring board breakdown the old WS brand in order to rebuild it?

Ben: I think the Trilogy of Destruction was meant to bridge the existing WildStorm Universe from where it was following WorldStorm and where we wanted it to be—World’s End. I’m not sure I’d use terms like “breakdown” and “rebuild” to describe it—how about terms like “evolution” or “logical progression”?

Chris: Those sound like good terms and because of those terms we’re not going to see any “quick fixes” to the new statues quo are we?

Ben: No quick fixes in the pipeline! We’re committed to the story we’re telling and the world that they now exist in. And I can say this—things will likely get much worse before they get better! (Cue sinister laughter!)

Chris: Number of the Beast was in the works in the middle of last year, originally was it pitched as a mini series to help reshape the Wildstorm Universe or was it tweaked to fit it into the Trinity trilogy?

Ben: Number of the Beast wasn’t pitched to have the consequences it will end up having on the WildStorm Universe… but once we determined it WOULD (early last year), then Armageddon and Revelations were spawned as a way to pave the way for it and support it—and World’s End.

Chris: NotB has also been compared to titles like Project: Superpowers & the Twelve, both having Golden Age heroes in stasis and then being re-introduced into the contemporary world, how is NotB different from those titles mentioned?

Ben: Well, I think it’s the story that makes the difference. On it’s face, re-introducing older characters into a modern universe isn’t that ground-breaking, but how the story is approached and executed is the difference-maker. I think Number of the Beast is significantly different than Superpowers or The Twelve.

Chris: So in the Armageddon mini series we saw the future of the Wildstorm universe, right? Or will things get tweak because of some of the characters trips into the future?

Ben: We did see the future of the WildStorm Universe in the Armageddon series…I think readers will see tweaks, but nothing that significant—as when Void took the various characters to the future, they had varying reactions to what they saw—with only Nemesis attempting direct action. But their various responses and decisions made after this experience could subtly alter future events enough that there would be slight differences. But Armageddon was essentially a preview of things to come.

Chris: Will we be seeing the characters who jumped into the future wrestling with the fact that they were unable to stop Armageddon?

Ben: Some definitely will struggle with it, especially those that tried to change things (like Nemesis) but they’ll mostly just be dealing with the realities of survival…and attempting to save lives and rebuild the world!

Chris: Will the new titles be starting before or after the events of the Armageddon mini series?

Ben: Hard to say—did Void bring them all to the same time-point in the future? Some books might be before some after…Will we be seeing Void bring the characters TOO the future IN the new books—no.

Chris: Announced at the NYCC, each issue will feature back-up stories at the end of each issue? Is this an economic way to tell stories with WS core titles, while giving a spot light to some peripheral characters?

Ben: Yes! I’ve always enjoyed back-up stories and this was an opportunity to flesh out the world a bit as well highlight some deserving characters who might not have had the spotlight for years…also, it gave us the opportunity to work with some amazing artists! And the back-up stories are definitely not throw-away stories—there’s an underlying story that will be setting up something big for 2009/10…

Chris: The surprise announcement had to be a story by Christos Gage and Ivan Reis doing a back-up story featuring Team Achilles who were last scene in the Project Entry universe with a huge cliffhanger, not that I’m complaining, but why revisit these characters?

Ben: Well, they are a part of the WildStorm Universe (and I did edit the first year of Team Achilles), so I would like to know what happened to them…but also, it also shows how Flint found herself back in the ranks of StormWatch while everyone else was conspicuously absent.

Chris: When we see the titles hit, all the characters will be settled into the post-Armageddon world? Or are they going to take place right after Number of the Beast’s conclusion?

Ben: Wildcats, StormWatch, and Authority will settled into the post-Armageddon world…Gen13 will be walking into this Earth with no prior knowledge (beyond Fairchild having traveled to the future) and how that happens will be explained in issue 21.

Chris: Last year Jim Lee was quoted saying “the biggest challenges in the WSU in recent years has been deciding which direction in which to take it, as the mainstream DCU has taken steps towards stories that were once exclusively the domain of WSU. Our box has become smaller” How do feel about DC and Marvel both treading on territory that was once solely Wildstorm’s domain?

Ben: Well, I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? It’s not a surprise that DC and Marvel moved in a direction similar to what WildStorm was doing in the late 90s, it was pretty amazing stuff. Jim’s absolutely right about the challenge we face now and hopefully World’s End will be a step in that direction!

Chris: In the past there were problems with the two flagship titles (Authority & Wildcats) coming out, this time around the Wildstorm staff have taken steps to make sure that doesn’t happen this time around, is that correct?

Ben: Yeah, we’ve absolutely taken steps. The teams have been working for many months and we have several issues of each inked (as of this writing, five full issues each and more pages coming in every week!), so we won’t have the shipping misfire that we suffered with WorldStorm.

Chris: Let’s talk creative teams; Stormwatch written by Ian Edginton and art by Leandro Fernandez, Gen-13 written Scott Beatty and art by Mike Huddleston, The Authority written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and art by Simon Coleby, Wildcats written by Christos Gage and art by Neil Googe. Can you give us a little insight as to why these creative teams were chosen?

Ben: On the art side, half the teams “cast” themselves—with their work on Armageddon. What Simon did with the Midnighter issue and Leandro with the StormWatch PHD issue convinced me they’d be the perfect guys for the on-going. And with Neil, it seemed a logical progression—he’s been working on different WSU books for us for years (Majestic and Tranquility) and I felt he’d be the perfect talent for Wildcats.
With Mike Huddleston, it was a different decision. I’ve liked Mike’s work for years, between his DC/ONI/Vertigo work, he’d shown the ability to do just about anything. And before this gig came up, he was working on a two-issue Friday the 13th arc for me and I really liked working with him—between his creativity and professionalism, he’s a gem. Then, the thought occurred to me—I’ll bet he’d do a real cool, unique Gen13! And it went from there.

On the writing side, there’s definitely some familiar faces: Christos Gage has lent his deft touch to many of our top characters over the last several years and like with Neil, it was a logical progression to have him do Wildcats!

Scott Beatty has also made a big impact in a relative short time, with his tremendous work on Number of the Beast and WildStorm Revelations (with the aforementioned Gage) and his past DC work convinced me he was the exact “right guy” for Gen13. And I was right!

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are no strangers to the WildStorm Universe, either, having written the entire Majestic run a few years ago and having worked with them on other projects, I knew their wild imaginations and unbridled creatively is exactly the “shot in the arm” the Authority needed.

Last, but certainly not least, is Ian Edginton on StormWatch PHD. I’d worked with Ian way back in the last 90s while at Dark Horse and I’d always followed his work (check out “Scarlet Traces” and you’ll see how brilliant this guy is!) and had wanted to work with him again. Based on his work with The Establishment several years ago, I knew he could handle team dynamics and after our first conversation about StormWatch I knew he was the right guy for the job.

Chris: With Armageddon setting up new statue quo for the Wildstorm Universe and its characters, can you give a little rundown for each title and the state of each team?

Ben: Sure thing!

Wildcats are in Los Angeles, living in the HALO building (the only place that still has working power, thanks to those awesome HALO batteries). They’re a little worse-for-wear, but survived the destruction largely unscathed compared to others in the world (as, when the end of the world came, they were caught unaware as it happened so fast).

StormWatch survived by teleporting up to SkyWatch III (which was under construction when the end came) and weathering the storm. They’re a motley group, featuring some old and new faces, and are working hard to help the survivors and find a solution to the blasted planet. In a sense, they’ve become the new “Authority”.

Gen13, like I said above, will be coming upon the destruction with a fresh perspective—as they missed it! So how will they react? Hmm…

The Authority are the hardest hit of all. The destruction that was shown in Armageddon has come to pass—but the team’s in even worse shape than we’d shown before. They’re in London and having the most difficult time of all with the situation…

Chris: Will we be seeing some old WS characters popping up in this new post Armageddon statues quo?

Ben: Definitely! Between the back-up stories and some of the plans we have, there will definitely be old WSU characters making appearances, as well as characters we’ve established in Number of the Beast.

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Haven't talked about the WS series New Dyamix before, but it was pretty good. I wasn't quite sure where it was in continuity since none of the characters in it were part of Armageddon, Revelations, Number of the Beast and there were no apparent connections to World's End. Issue 5 came out last week and tied it together in a way I couldn't have expected. Turns out Tao was behind it all. He was the guy sending Void out to show heroes the future, so while he didn't make the NotB program which caused World's End, him sending Nemesis into the future and then her actions when she came back are what caused NotB to start World's End. He's also made some moves that will probably give himself a leg up in the new world. He has an army of SPBs in storage, he's planned an uprising of another group of SPBs, he still has Void, and it appears that he has a backup body with his personality in it in case anything should happen to him. This series went up and down with me, but this last issue ended on a great note. Makes me even more excited about the first World's End backup story (in which Lynch will be hunting down Tao) and the 8h or 9th (forget which) that's all about Tao.

Tao Runs World's End


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