Revelations and Prime

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Two good miniseries coming to an end next week. Revelations has been a fun story about 3 women (Savant, Nemesis and Jet) trying to save the WSU from the future shown to them in the previous miniseries (Armageddon). Revelations isn't the end though because it leads into Number of the Beast which starts next month. Been seeing a lot of what might be going on there (from interviews as well as stuff in comics, they've done a good job of connecting the stories with the rest of the world) and I'm interested. There are new heroes, the old ones are nowhere to be found and someone's coming back from the past. Sure to be fun. But back to the comic that's ending to make way for NotB, here's the preview for issue 6 Wildstorm Revelations:

Authority Prime was a slug fest/therapy session for The Authority and Stormwatch Prime. They've fought it out and now are working together to defeat a super powered clone of Bendix. I personally thought Bendix was more evil as a human, but that's just me.

Aaaaaaand...The Secret History of The Authority: Jack Hawksmoor comes out next week too. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it looks like next week will be great.

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Well I thought it was interesting.

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Well Buck, (now I know how Sling feels, talking to him self like a crazy person) I thought both issues were great. Revelations was better in my opinion, but both were good. The whole issue was fun and basically the same (in the level of coolness, not the content of course although the whole information-gathering thing as the same) but it was the end that was special. The set up for NotB was nice and scary. Bizarro High clones all over the place and that last page with them encircling the world, something is most definitely up. I know the High comes back in NotB but now I'm wondering if it's really going to be him or just a clone that worked. If it's him, I want to know how he survived. Back to the middle of the issue, I liked seeing Spartan again. With his book gone/delayed/whatever, I was glad to see him. I was (and have been) confused on the whole Zealot/Kenesha thing. I'm pretty sure Kenesha had already found out about Zealot being her mother so I didn't know why it was a secret. I guess that might have something to do with Void and the Worldstorm, but that was strange to me. Finishing up with the beginning, I enjoyed Nemesis' fatality on Motaro.

And then Authority: Prime. I thought Revelations was better because I felt a little let down by the fight with Bendix in this one. It wasn't bad or anything, the good guys were doing all they could but Bendix was just massively better. My favorite part of it was probably Jack bringing a city to fight on his side. There were some real good spots in it that stuck out, but the best part was at the end when we see that SPOILER - Hope that was a good enough warning. Bendix is alive again and in the body of his son. He looks like Two Face though so I hope that changes. I wonder when he'll show up again. It's probably best if they leave him alone until after NotB since that's it's own big event that's supposed to change stuff, but I don't want him to be forgotten. Anyway, both comics were good and Secret History of The Authority: Jack Hawksmoor was great too. Awesome week for Wildstorm.

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