iFanboy Talks Wildstorm

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The guys at iFanboy took the time to put up a video about Wildstorm that covers its origins, its main universe, creator-owned titles, its ups and downs over the years and what's currently going on. It's a half an hour long and really goes over all parts of the Wildstorm line so I encourage you to check it out whether you think you know all about Wildstorm already or are maybe just barely interested. 
I had trouble viewing it on the site so I downloaded it. You might have to as well, but it's definitely worth it.

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Good episode I like the Wildstorm imprint but I hadn't actually read any of it until Worlds end so I guess I got lucky and I wasn't as jaded as some people although before that it had been like 7 years since I had seen some of those characters because I loved the WildCATs cartoon and even had a Maul figure.Anyway I'm happy that I am currently reading The Authority and WildCATS and i think I need to read some of the earlier stuff so I'll probably do that in the future.Thanks for the link I watch TRS and have watched a couple of episodes of IFanboy but I don't watch it regularly.

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I don't watch them regularly (I listen though) but I couldn't pass up something WS related, especially with what's going on now.

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Yes, it was so cool to see so many people in the comments section say they'd give WS a try after watching this!  :D

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