Help a Girl Out - Where Should I Start?

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I'm super-interested in delving into the WS universe after reading wiki entries about some of the characters. Main characters of interest are Maj, Zealot and Nemesis.

So where should I be starting?

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Wildcats and Wildcats: Nemesis for all three. Besides those, Nemesis has appearances in Wildstorm Revelations. Majestic's self titled series for Majestic. And his '08 for Zealot too.
What you really should read is Warren Ellis' stuff. His Stormwatch/Authority, Global Frequency and Planetary are all awesome. WildStorm's best writer right there.

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start at the beginning and check out the miniseries Team Zero, Team One, and Team 7....the from there chronologically it goes to the first volume of Wildcats

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@danhimself: @Billy Batson: Grazie!

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It's been sometime since I read it, but from what I recall, this was a decent Majestic series.

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@Mercy_: Try also reading Planetary by warren ellis dear, that sh!t is awesome

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I should check out Global Frequency one of these days....

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@Rumble Man said:

@Mercy_: Try also reading Planetary by warren ellis dear, that sh!t is awesome

I was re-reading it today, absolute masterpiece

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